Dì 3 Việt Nam

Dì 3 Việt Nam

“We have only one body - let's cherish and protect it”

Inspired by TISSUE HAIR, the strong, long, and shiny hair of ancient Vietnamese Women. Later, with the development of the times, through many years of history, the traditional image of women's hair was no longer the same as before.

To preserve the image of a woman with pure long black hair, AUNTIE 3 was born with the purpose of protecting and taking care of original black hair to honor the gentle and loving beauty of Vietnamese girls. .

As a consumer, AUNTIE 3 has experienced many products on the market for hair and skin care. However, it is difficult to find products that meet all users' needs. And the more we experience - the deeper we learn, we realize that it's time to really go inside and take care of our bodies in the most thorough and selective way. Hair and skin are the two things that clearly show a person's health status. Bad skin and rough, brittle hair, full of dandruff and oil are alarming signs for our health.

It's time for us to change, live healthily and use clean, safe products!

If you have used many shampoos and cosmetics but still cannot achieve the desired results, have you ever asked yourself: What is the nature of my hair? What are the ingredients being used every day on your body? Am I taking care of myself properly? Do you really understand the importance of reading the ingredient list when using a product on your body?


AUNTIE 3 is not only a seller or product supplier, but also a LAB specializing in research on skin and hair health care. AUNTIE 3 was created based on the passion of VUONG ANH VY, a KOL, Influencer, Content Creator and Founder of the Babymallandcare and Auntie 3 brands. As a mother of 3 children, Vy is also a consumer like everyone else. With in-depth knowledge of baby products and now women's skin and hair care products, she has created specialized skin and hair care products that are medically certified and safe. Safe for pregnant women and nourishing for your body!

Try our products today – we're confident you won't be disappointed!

AUNTIE 3 products say NO to harmful chemicals and microplastics:
- NO Phthalates
- NO Parabens
- NO Sulfates
- NO Silicone

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